I Wish: Top 14 Memorable Moments of 2014

#14) 150 pre-release copies sold.

#13) I Wish getting published on May 19. May 19

#12) 11 Book Signings and Appearances.

Winter Wonderland  #11) Reading to elementary school students at a Christmas event.

#10) Drafting the 2nd book in the I Wish series.

#9) Book Signing at Claire’s jewelry store for kids in Shadow Lake.

#8) Book Signing at the high school my daughter graduated from.

Jinn Blue Hair

#7) Appearing in two journal articles.

#6) A very successful Book Signing in my home town.Wish Loud

#5) I Wish Blog tour with 15 stops and interacting with readers online.

#4) Meeting teens at the La Vista library event and getting to critique their writing.

#3) Working with Brian Feinblum, Book Promotion expert.

#2) Giving books to friends and family.

#1) Getting top star reviews from Red City Review and Writer’s Digest.


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