What Would You Do?

If your family were in danger, what would you do?

Katniss Everdeen, the Girl on Fire, is famous for this quote, “I volunteer!” There’s so much emotion, so much desperation in her voice. She’s willing to risk her own life to protect her little sister and she doesn’t ever outwardly show regret for her decision.

In I Wish, another strong believable heroine named Kenza Atlas is willing to risk her life to save her loved ones. When a dark spirit, a power-hungry jinn named Mazin, hunts her down and finds he’s no match to the abilities she inherited from her dad’s side of the family, he doesn’t hesitate to attack Kenza’s mom.

As Kenza’s desperation grows, she discovers that a direct response will only make the situation worse so she leaves home and lures him away to follow her. In time, she’s sure she will have to face him so she uses every moment she can to gain allies, grow in knowledge, and develop her innate ability to wish.

What would you do if your family were in real danger? Would you follow in the footsteps of Katniss and Kenza, throwing yourself in harm’s way never to look back?


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