Doubt: Character Flaw or Signal to Change Perspective?

Have you ever been cruising through life when everything’s going great and, all of a sudden, you do something that completely pulls the rug out from under your sense of self-worth? Maybe you spilled something on yourself at lunch, tripped while carrying a full tray of food, or said something you didn’t mean that really hurt someone you care about. Worse, maybe someone said something to you that made you feel as small as a pea.

All these things have happened to me and every time they did, I felt small and unworthy, even if just for a little while. Why do we see things this way? Why do we let ourselves slip into such negative thinking when there are so many good things to see in ourselves?

Is it because our society has taught us to be humble, shaming anyone on TV who puts themselves on a pedestal? Perhaps. Or maybe it’s because society has taught us to be extremely, overly, unhealthily critical of ourselves.

My wish is to stop that, right here, right now. I wish to see the beauty in myself, and not just in myself, but in others. And I wish to point it out to them – to you – as often as I can.

In I Wish, sixteen-year-old Kenza Atlas doubts herself even though she is strong-willed and beautiful and full of love for her friends and family. It doesn’t help that her dad, someone whose approval means the world to her, constantly shares his disappointment with her.

Kenza’s biggest battle is not with her dad or the stringent rules at summer camp, or even the dark spirit named Mazin who is after her. Her biggest challenge is believing in herself when the world seems like it’s against her.


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