#IWishx9 – Nebraska, Midwest

Read Local

What if “Divergent”, “Twilight”, “Hunger Games”, or “Harry Potter” took place in Nebraska or the Midwest for that matter? Stop and think about it. What was the last great book you read with a main character from Nebraska?

I Wish we had more local examples.

So why don’t we? Maybe it’s because the book industry, with all its major decision-makers on the coasts, don’t think they will sell. Well let’s prove them wrong. Research shows that if you really enjoy a product or experience, you will share it with 9 people.

So here’s my challenge to you…

  • If you’re 12 years old or older (adults, that includes you), give “I Wish” a try. It’s only $2.99 on Kindle.
  • If you love it, tell 9 people. And those people will tell 9 more people. Or better yet, post a review on Amazon. Pretty soon, Nebraskans and Midwesterners will have access to great literature that represents them (especially teenagers).

So what if you hate it? Tell 16 people (that’s what the research says many of us do anyway). But I guarantee you won’t hate it. “It really had me flying through the pages.” “I would gladly read it again!”

Wish loud and follow your dreams! #IWishx9


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